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Offploy is a social enterprise and registered charity whose vision is a world where every person is safe from crime. They strive to achieve this by supporting individuals at risk of offending, demystifying and advocating for fair employment opportunities for ex-offenders and people from underprivileged backgrounds. We have proudly supported Offploy in every aspect of their branding and creative since 2017.

Despite its recognition within the industry, the Offploy identity had remained largely unchanged since our partnership began. Late 2023 saw the company receive an exciting brand overhaul, from a new logo to updated typography and a rejuvenated palette. The brief called for an injection of warmth, humanism and to soften the somewhat corporate feel.

At the core of our rebrand is the new Offploy logo. While retaining the recognisable keyhole motif, gone are the all-caps characters and harsh colours replaced with soft curves in lowercase and a monochrome fill.

The new colours expand upon Offploy's signature blue-and-green, shifting hues towards a more contemporary palette and introducing a warm terracotta orange. Accented by pastel shades of each signature tone, the revised swatches convey a friendlier, less formal vibe than the corporate palette of old.

New brand imagery focuses on crisp, high-quality photos of real people, candidates and team members. A continuous ribbon or thread is drawn through collateral design such as presentations and funky new ID cards, giving the company a playful edge and tying together neighbouring images.

We look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership with Offploy and working together for years to come!

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