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NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

Obesity costs the NHS a staggering £6.5 billion each year and is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer. To promote the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme, the new nationwide initiative designed to help users manage their weight and improve their lifestyle, NHS Prevention tasked us with creating an animation to spread awareness and combat this statistic.

The animation breaks down how the 12-week plan features dietary advice and physical activity guidance, the credentials for eligibility and how to get involved. It simplifies complex topics such as BMI and was met with high praise from the Prevention team.

Our animation is now featured on the NHS England website and across their social media channels, reaching and resonating with a broad audience.

This successful collaboration has paved the way for ongoing projects with NHS England as we continue to work together on further Prevention initiatives. To find out more about the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme or see our explainer in action, search 'NHS DWMP'.

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