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Latent TB

We recently had the privilege of working with NHS Prevention to shed light on Latent Tuberculosis through an engaging explainer animation.

Latent TB quietly affects one quarter of the world's population. It doesn't make you ill and you won't know you have it until you get tested. However, 1 in 10 people with Latent TB will develop active TB disease and the consequences can be severe.

Our mission was to demystify an otherwise complex and lesser-known topic by creating an attention-grabbing explainer, starring a diverse cast of illustrated characters in the NHS palette. The resulting animation found its place on the NHS England website and gained traction on various social media platforms. The characters and distinctive style of our animation have since been adapted into a series of print designs, developing something of a mini-brand identity around Latent Tuberculosis awareness.

This successful collaboration has paved the way for ongoing projects with NHS England as we continue to work together on further Prevention initiatives. To find out more about Latent TB or see our explainer in action, search 'NHS TB'.

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