"Our mission is, and always has been, to create beautiful products founded on kindness and its power to uplift others. That’s why 100% of our bracelets are made by the hands of amazing women, many of whom are refugees, and every purchase helps them build a brighter future."

Kind & Stone

In 2019 we had the opportunity to work with Kind & Stone founder Rachel and her husband Brett to design the new look & feel of their ethical jewellery company founded in Utah, USA. Kind & Stone create and sell beautiful hand-made beaded jewellery from semi-precious stones, gems and natural materials. Our design applies a simple, lineal motif surround clean sans-serif typography offset to reflect the imperfections found in nature and natural shapes. A palette of greens and soft complimentary tones round out the calming aesthetic of the identity, now applied across Kind & Stone's printed and online presence. 

More recently we have worked with Rachel and Brett to establish a wider brand identity and cohesive catalogue of images for their online store, as well as designing a couple of posters for the brand and a simplified version of the logo which is featured on pressed metal charms for Kind & Stone bracelets.

Visit Kind & Stone at www.kindandstone.com

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