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Designing a captivating visual identity for print-on-demand enterprise Impryne, explored the concept of 'old school cool' with an urban twist.

The project's focal point is its distinctive custom wordmark in a bold serif style, echoing the aesthetics of classic design while infusing the brand with a contemporary edge. This reflects Impryne's range and versatility, encompassing a wealth of merchandise from notebooks and stationery to streetwear such as hoodies, caps, and tees.

One of the standout brand assets is a distorted typography design created by printing their slogan, "Impression that Inspires," then feeding it back into a flatbed scanner while manipulating the printout by hand to create a warped effect.

Acid-style illustrations complement the identity and emphasise its 'new vintage' aesthetic, perfect for stickers and enamel pins. The resulting brand simultaneously radiates nostalgia and innovation, embodying an old-school vibe with contemporary flair.

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