In late 2020 the University of Huddersfield commissioned a publication entitled 'Future World of Work', one of a series of publications acting as a guide for current staff to provide informative information about the jobs market to students and graduates. The booklet covered three sectors; work & technology, society and environment.

Future World of Work

The University asked that we packed this document full of stunning infographics, charts, statistics and data presentations rather than relying on photography alone for the visuals in our design. To achieve this we used bold typography and heavy graphic elements throughout, limiting ourselves to only a couple of select colours from the University's approved palette and translating these colours into a striking duotone treatment atop of a few carefully selected images. This in-turn gives the booklet an identity of its own, standing out from the swathe of existing documents led by glossy stock photos of students on-campus.

"Today’s students will become not just the employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. They will also become the citizen and civic leaders of society. This is reflected in our holistic vision for graduate development which commits the University to nurturing students who are: self-motivated, commercially aware, enterprising, resilient, effective collaborators, confident leaders, Globally and socially aware, and able to plan their personal development and growth."

"The guide aims to let the facts speak for themselves. Using the voices of a range of commentators from progressive think-tanks and corporate consultants, it presents the major global and national trends which will shape the world over the next decade and beyond. Beginning with the skills that employers seek in graduate recruits, it examines the critical issues under three thematic headings: Work and Technology; Society, and the Environment."

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