Frothy Bull Productions is a high-end woodworking studio operating within the United States and Canada. In addition to traditional and time-honoured methods they also specialise in CNC woodworking, furniture building and product customisation.

Frothy Bull

The company requested a logo which carefully balanced qualities of minimalism and modernity alongside a rustic, handmade feel to convey such a balance in the products they design and create. Our competition-winning proposal delivered exactly that, with an entirely bespoke bull motif atop bold, traditional typography. The logo in its various formats is perfect for all forms of digital and printed application, particularly important where this motif will be applied by laser or CNC engraving to the materials used in the Frothy Bull workshop.

'ink' and its associated aliases are trading names of Designed by Ink, registered partnership of Matthew Jones and Nicole Rawson.

ink, Enterprise Hub

3M BIC, Firth Street