DiscountTed is a new discount code website, who posted a design contest in 2019 to come up with a new look for their brand - vibrant, fun, and most importantly of all, the logo had to incorporate a 'cool bear' mascot.


The client loved our proposal from the get-go with our mascot 'Ted' born out of perfect symmetry, a geometric base and minimal 2D construction. Using negative space to imply a muzzle and sunglasses combo, the competition host immediately fell for him and helped fine-tune the concept into its final, winning form. The accompanying typography was crafted from a combination of two different fonts, fattened up with a heavy stroke and edited point-by-point to generate an entirely unique, bespoke wordmark for DiscountTed.

We ensured that an white-out copy of the design also worked as intended, as simply inverting the mascot didn't give the right impression - to correctly portray the face of a bear, the muzzle and sunglasses had to be lighter than the surrounding head / face. This is why our white-out version instead features an outline copy of the mascot, in order to maintain a correct appearance of the logo regardless of its background or surrounding environment. We are really happy with how Ted and the associated brand have turned out, now live at

'ink' and its associated aliases are trading names of Designed by Ink, registered partnership of Matthew Jones and Nicole Rawson.

ink, Enterprise Hub

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