In Summer 2020 we were asked by our friends at Fat Panda to complete an animation project surrounding the 'College of the Future' where the script, storyboard and illustrations were already in place. Illustrator Kyle Prior was responsible for creating hand-drawn assets to accompany the established narrative, and this natural aesthetic was something we wanted to maintain.

College of the Future

The team at Fat Panda requested a smooth lineal style where elements appeared to be 'drawn' on-screen and each sequence effortlessly flowed into the next. We began by re-interpreting the illustrated assets prior to animation - re-illustrating and simplifying complex elements at this stage allowed us to animate more efficiently later in the process, ensuring each individual element or layer was correctly prepared to achieve one continuous composition.

Once the raw animation was complete, the finishing touch was to add a slight grain and 'displacement' effect to the whole composition to replicate the hand-drawn style from which this project was born. This gives the animation an informal, human quality which appears less clinical than perfectly clean lines and geometry.

"Unsurprisingly, Ink did yet another fantastic job of interpreting a tricky brief, this time for a project that was unlike any of our previous collaborations. Matthew and Nicole absolutely nailed the fluid style we had set out to achieve, consequently bringing our vision to life; contributing to a wider campaign which observably impressed the project stakeholders."

- Nic Flatt, Managing Director at Fat Panda

'ink' and its associated aliases are trading names of Designed by Ink, registered partnership of Matthew Jones and Nicole Rawson.

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