The Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma at the prestigious University of British Columbia is a group-based counselling research and delivery collective, for whom we had the privilege of designing a new logo in mid 2018.


CGCT supports a wide demographic of individuals, but in particular offers its services to veterans across British Columbia who need a helping hand adapting or settling back into everyday life, and more recently have overseen the development of further support mechanisms alongside respectable institutions such as the Veterans Transition Program and Veterans Affairs Canada. The Veterans Transition Program has been helping veterans in British Columbia to cope with Operational Stress Injuries for over 20 years, and alongside Veterans Affairs Canada the CGCT are enabling the translation of skills veterans have acquired through military service to new academic and career opportunities outside of the forces.

'ink' and its associated aliases are trading names of Designed by Ink, registered partnership of Matthew Jones and Nicole Rawson.

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