African American Ministries is a community devoted to strengthening diversity and the representation of African Americans in the Presbyterian Church in America. AAM define themselves as "committed to implementing a strategy that unites current African Americans in the PCA, invites those who are outside of our circles, and positions us to thrive and serve well in our local contexts."

African American Ministries

This brief called for a podcast cover design for AAM's ongoing audio-series; Between the Pew. The podcast discusses the mission of African American Ministries, their progress towards diversifying representation in leadership and how individuals within the African American community might contribute to and help further their cause.

The brief called for a design which clearly represented people of African American descent alongside the Presbyterian Church in America, the most recognisable symbolism for which we learned was a traditional American, often painted in white with wooden cladding and a tall spire.

Our proposal went on to win the competition with its striking double-exposure effect, merging a licensed image of the aforementioned style church with a stunning photograph of our African American model from Matheus Natan on Pexels.

'ink' and its associated aliases are trading names of Designed by Ink, registered partnership of Matthew Jones and Nicole Rawson.

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