Our People

Our People

Our People is an initiative concieved by the team at Overlap Associates, based in Ontario, who brought us onboard in mid 2020 to help refine and deliver the creative side of this inspiring project.


Our People celebrates the everyday heroes who make up communities across the North of England - those who often go unsung or unrecognised, who we rely upon in our everyday lives. While not originally intended to be sector-specific, the project evolved to focus particularly on those in health and care, given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.


The name is derived from the 'Yorkshire-ism' of calling someone 'our _____' (our Mark, our Donna, etc) but also represents the spirit of togetherness and belonging.


Working closely with the fantastic team at Overlap Associates we developed the Our People concept into a fully-fledged brand and marketing package, which could be applied in both print and digital communications either as a standalone identity or alongside existing organisations such as local healthcare providers or charities. The primary way in which the brand can be applied is through the application of a 'frame' graphic, as seen here and in the explainer video, which reflects the sort of snapshot of a person you might see as their profile picture on social media, where there is in fact however much more going on outside of the frame; the bigger picture.


To summarise all the brand package has to offer in a clear, concise format we presented a short explainer video which details the ins-and-outs of Our People and the tools that came with it, such as guidelines for print, web design, promotion and marketing, etc. The final video was tweaked a little from the verison you see here, but we believe the message and audio-syncronisation come across best in this version - think of this as something of a 'directors' cut'


Click the vdeo thumbnail above to watch.