Offploy ft. YO! Sushi

Offploy ft. YO! Sushi

Now acting as Offploy CIC's premier design team, we were approached in March 2018 to design a certificate layout for their ongoing partnership with YO!


Offploy help people with prior criminal convictions to find employment upon release, and one of their numerous partners in doing so is YO! alongside their chain of YO! Sushi restaurants across the country. This certificate is intended to recognise a successful work placement by an Offploy supported candidate upon completion of their programme.


The A4 design was lovingly crafted in line with Paul Belford's iconic brand guidelines and YO! identity refresh from 2016. This focused on a bold, contrasting design and palette featuring the signature YO! visual style, alongside the necessary information from Offploy and their employment partners.


In the process we also focused on authentic and meaningful Japanese lettering, sprinkling associated typography alongside primarily English copy. For example, the large Japanese writing on our A5 cover letter (third image) translates to 'about us', where the document gives an overview of ink and our foundations as a creative studio.

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