Offploy ETE

Offploy ETE

We have supported Offploy CIC in every aspect of creative and design since 2017. As part of our ongoing partnership, we were tasked with designing Offploy MD Jacob Hill's whitepaper on Reducing Reoffending through Education, Training and Employment in early 2020.


Naturally, the whitepaper began as a largely un-formatted text document in need of injecting the Offploy brand identity. This has evolved slightly over the three years we've been working with Offploy, but maintains a blue-and-green palette led by high-contrast, functional layouts and a clear typographical heirarchy.


More recently we've introduced a series of illustrated characters to Offploy's collateral design - most notably in Jacob's 2019 presentation at TEDx Católica Lisbon - which Jacob was keen to include in his redesigned whitepaper. They give Offploy's communications an informal quality, but executed in a way which doesn't detract from the necessary professionalism and trustworthiness of the brand.


Alongside fresh new infographics the eventual design was printed onto 100% recycled stock and saddle stitched, then distributed at the 2020 conference for Reducing Reoffending Through Employment. The design also received high praise on Twitter, with notable individuals from education, government, prisons and employment eager to get their copy of Offploy's ETE whitepaper.


Download your copy here.