Offploy CIC

Offploy CIC

Offploy are a social enterprise established to help businesses realise the societal and commercial benefits of ex-offender employment. Ink was approached by it's founder, Jacob Hill, who thought the company identity was due somewhat of a refresh. Alongside the three sub-companies under the Offploy brand, their existing logo was refined drastically to convey a greater sense of professionalism and modernity. It was also important to invoke a feeling of trustworthiness in this identity, presenting Offploy as a considerate entity that should be taken seriously by potential partners and can be relied upon when proposing the employment of ex-offenders. This was achieved through a bold, sans-serif typeface which sits perfectly alongside their big-name industry partners, teamed with the iconic Offploy 'keyhole' motif, synonymous with freedom and opening doors for ex-offenders and potential employers.

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