Offploy Brand Evolution

Offploy Brand Evolution

As Offploy's ongoing primary design team we are proud to continue supporting the company, continually evolving its brand to keep up with changing trends and new design ideas.


Through late 2019 and into 2020 we introduced a new series of illustrated characters to Offploy to represent both their candidates and employees in a friendly, informal manner and in a more flexible format than always using photos of real-life people. These characters give Offploy a warmer tone to offset the sometimes very stat-heavy and necessarily professional voice of their brand.


Alongside the introduction of illustrated characters we continue the application of Offploy's signature identity established to date in bold typography, generous application of brand colours and a general consideration for material design.


Offploy's updated brand identity can be most recently found in branded postcards, company values and impact reports shown here.

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