Jacob Hill at TEDx

Jacob Hill at TEDx

TEDx Católica Lisbon SBE hosted 10 speakers from around the world in 2019, each prompted to lead their presentation with 'what if...'


We have worked closely with Offploy CIC and their managing director Jacob Hill for a number of years, and were both honoured and excited when tasked with creating Jacob's presentation to share alongside his speech at TEDx in Lisbon.


Jacob's presentation asked 'what if we worked with criminals to make society safer?', in line with the foundation of Offploy and their mission to support ex-offenders into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment.


With less than a week to create a nine-slide presentation to the standard expected at TEDx events the world over, we licensed a set of basic illustrated figures, modified them and redrew elements to fit the style of previous presentations under the Offploy banner. The resulting slides were slick, clean and modern with bold illustrated scenes in the Offploy palette, accentuating the annotations on-screen and in Jacob's spoken narrative.


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