IMSE: Microbes

IMSE: Microbes

How could smart surfaces help tackle infection and antimicrobial resistance?


The second project we worked on with Fat Panda for the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering at Imperial College London, this animated explainer details the research undertaken at the IMSE surrounding anti-microbial surfaces and microbial resistance. Fat Panda had been tasked with delivering a concise, engaging presentation after the success of the previous IMSE project we supported them to deliver.


This time we also worked in collaboration with illustrator Kyle Prior who created the visual language for this composition, in-part inspired by the style of our previous IMSE animation in partnership with Fat Panda. The background blobs return, for example, alongside subtle XO particules in the background, a flat vector-style, medical palette in line with IMSE branding and sans-serif typography of varying weights.


The voiceover and sound design were constructed by Fat Panda, making for a successful team effort all-round and a second project for Imperial College London that we are proud to have been a part of.


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