IMSE: Carbon Capture

IMSE: Carbon Capture

How could carbon capture and usage help the UK reduce its carbon emissions?


Our friends at Fat Panda recently asked us to work with them on a project for the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering at Imperial College London. Fat Panda were commissioned by the IMSE to deliver an animated explainer surrounding carbon capture studies and captured carbon utilisation methods in the UK.


Provided with a script and written prompts for each scene, we first established a flat illustrative style using 'blobs' throughout for stylistic continuity, acting as a backdrop or mask for certain scenes, animated elements and focal points. This style allowed us to convey a complex subject matter in a concise, digestible format and balance the necessary scientific detail with clear illustrated visuals.


We took care at the animation stage to ensure everything was smooth and fluid, each scene flowing effortlessly into the next with exaggerated easing adhering to Google's Material Design principals for speed and motion (fancy, huh?)


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