Blue Skies

Blue Skies

In late 2018 we took part in a contest to design the new packaging for Blue Skies fresh fruit ice lollies. The concept had to be in keeping with their existing brand which is well established in the UK, but also bring a vibrant and exciting twist to this new line of products...


Blue Skies define their mission as to "build together a profitable enterprise where people respect each other, care for environment and inspire a legacy for the future." Their various products are responsibly sourced and harvested, choosing to help benefit their suppliers' communities and in-turn encouraging a positive change for the surrounding economy and environment.


Respectful of the core values behind this product, our submission drew on a number of iconic traits synonymous with the Blue Skies look while ensuring to breathe a clear element of fun and liveliness into our proposed design! The key colours of red, orange and yellow are Blue Skies' pantone selection, and the illustrations scattered throughout our design are found elsewhere across their existing lineup of fresh fruit products.


The vector-based artwork was built onto a net in Adobe Illustrator, then taken into Photoshop and mocked up into a photorealistic packaging render entirely from scratch. We added a touch of condensation to the box alongside shading and dynamic lighting, giving our proposal a great impression of its tangible state.


Our design was met with a number of revisions and changes, but eventually came out on top from a pool of fantastic international competition. We are really happy to have been able to provide the starting point for this product line going forward, as Blue Skies now take our design in-house for any finishing touches and preparation to ensure the final outcome is market-ready.

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